Wednesday, 2 September, 2009

Visit to the Jamkhandi Palace and Rameshwar temple

Palace from the side view.
This is the building where dance and drama's used to take place.

Fountain in front of the palace
The Chariot
That's me trying to trying to pass through the stone sculpture of a lion. The priest said that after passing through one will be relieved from any type of body pain. After two unsuccessful attempts, I was able to pass through finally.
Rameshwara temple with the well in the front


spunk said...

Hey nice pics and can you tell me still more places around and near to the palace....?

V V Kulkarni said...

Dear Vidya,

There are many people in JKD with good digital cameras, but very few can come out of laziness and make use of them… Saw your all photoes. I can comprehend the amount of time and patience you employed to take all those snaps. You are an adept photographer. Keep it up!

V V Kulkarni said...

The building where dance and dramas are used to take place is Urvashi theatre.

Sagar Tanksali said...

A very good blog. I hope to do a similar one for the college. I'm looking for a snap of Polo Ground as it was before idiots split it up into two halves. If someone can give me, I shall use it in my blog with full attributes.