Sunday, 30 November, 2008

Pink color flowers

The above flower is named as Periwinkle.

Flower of Multivitamin plant

I know this plant as Multivitamin, but guess that's not the original name. The leaves of this plant is used in making salads.

Sunday, 9 November, 2008

Our old ancesteral house in Konnur

Can't believe now that I used to swim in this well, when I was about 10 yrs.


Staircase leading to the terrace
Entrance to the house

Courtyard in the house

Sunday, 2 November, 2008

Aerial roots of Banyan tree

Pranav & Prachi engrossed in watching cartoon on TV

Pranav, when asked to pose for picture.

Chandrappa chopping wood

Chandrappa visits our house to chop wood for us. He must be in his 60's, but strong enough to work. He has lost his wife, daughter and his son has deserted him. He loves tea the most with lot of sugar.

Fruit of a leafy vegetable

I found this nice colored fruit in the vegetable market. Found out later that its used in making pickles.