Saturday, 20 June, 2009

Few pictures from my visit to Jamkhandi

June 2nd week was spent in Jamkhandi. It was not a vacation;I had to work from home. During that week, I was lucky to have been a part of two important occasions. The first one was Prachi's birthday and second one - I was able to spend time with my cousins who had come down for a vacation. Here are some pictures,

From left to right, Prachi, Nandini and Mehul. This picture was taken in the morning before they left to Dharwad.
This was a close up picture of Prachi, which I liked. She didn't notice me taking her picture and may be that's of one reason its come out good. Prachi has a lot of resemblance to my grandmother.

On Prachi's birthday.

These stones in our garden which have carvings are believed to be very old and have a great signifance. Wild figs

White and Red Gulganji( in Kannada language). I don't know if these seeds are used for any purpose. But I truly beleive its a great nature's creation.

Sunset near Jamkhandi palace.

Cactus plant near the palace.

This was taken from the vegetable market. The spices arranged by the vendor was very attractive.

There are a variety of birds near my place and I was lucky to have shot this Cuckoo singing, without any other background disturbances.

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Kirigalpoththa said...

Hey those carvings in your garden certainly looks quite old! Wow!